About us

We are an innovative company specialized in 3D screen printing, focusing on applications for medicine, life sciences and cosmetics. To fully exploit the great potential of our technology and implement novel concepts for product development , we established a creative, interdisciplinary team working in close collaboration. Our expertise includes classic and 3D screen printing, product and process development, polymer and biomaterial chemistry and cell biology.  


Lutz Freiwald

Managing director

Dr. Vedrana Tadić Krippendorf

Project Manager R&D

Dr. Kristin Ganske

Project Manager R&D

Dr. Henriette Henze

Project Manager R&D
Cell biologist

Lucas Langenfeld

Screen printing specialist

Anika Treder

Apprentice screen printing

Administrative board

Oliver R. Baumann

President of the administrative board
CEO Xlife Sciences AG

Dr. Frank Plöger

Member of the administrative board
CSO Xlife Sciences AG

Herwig Haunschmid

Member of the administrative board
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